Catherine Bennett is the palaeontologist popstar dreamt up by 10-year old Taylor and brought to life by her Aunty Bryony and a group of music industry professionals.

Catherine writes songs about things she believes in and likes… animals, polar bears, friendship, her neighbourhood, the future and sometimes even space travel! She likes music by Lily Allen, The B52s and The Gorillaz. She tries to make her music sound like those three things squished together.

Catherine loves tuna pasta, reading, hanging out with her friends and her dog Cookie, practicing Taekwondo and riding around her neighbourhood on her bike. She works in a museum with dinosaurs when she’s not singing. She likes to look at life sideways and try to make a difference in the world in tiny ways.

Find out more about Catherine and her music on her website here.

Watch Catherine’s Music Videos

Love the Animal Kingdom dance as much as we do? Watch this video to learn how to do it yourself!

Catherine also made a video with some of her palaeontologist friends – including TV’s Dr Tori Herridge.

Find out why palaeontology rocks by watching it!